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Crunch time awaits the Panthers! - feature photo

Crunch time awaits the Panthers!

In the context of the semi-final aspirations of the Ahrens Gilgandra Panthers first grade side, it doesn’t get much bigger than this Saturday’s game against the Narromine Jets at

13 July, 2024

General News

Preserving Our Past: Historical Society News

School visits from Tooraweenah and St Joseph’s School have been welcomed during past weeks, and pupils have been...

12 July, 2024

Local News

Time’s up, buckle up: cameras begin enforcing seatbelt use

Motorists and their passengers are reminded to buckle up or face the...

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It’s GREAT for Gilgandra

Gilgandra Shire Council (Council) has allocated $50,000 towards the It’s...

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Crown Lands minister visits

Five long-serving representatives of Gilgandra Racecourse and Recreation...

Community & Business

Notes on a council meeting

Drafts of the Childcare Strategy, Community Health Vision and Village Management Plans are now on display for feedback.

6 July, 2024

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OPINION: Time for Meta to pay its dues

Last month, Country Press Australia (CPA) – the largest representative...

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Western NSW LHD provides first look at Dubbo Residential Rehabilitation Centre design

Two artist impressions of the proposed Dubbo Residential Rehabilitation...

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Free help for small businesses

Are you missing out on help for your small country business?


Goldwind exploring potential wind farm

Goldwind Australia have announced that they are exploring the potential for a wind farm in the region.

28 June, 2024

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All is not well on farms, says Rural Aid chief

Australia’s most trusted rural charity has been urgently assisting...

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Feral pig problem escalates

Farmers are reporting a fresh surge in feral pig numbers, prompting a...

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Agriculture Minister promises Senate inquiry into live sheep export phase out

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt has promised a Senate inquiry into the...


Bowls News

Wednesday’s social bowls, Sunday’s ‘anti-social’ bowls and triples championships.

9 July, 2024

Local News

Roosters add to Panthers’ despair!

The Ahrens Gilgandra Panthers played against the Cobar Roosters in their...

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Camel cull by Gular

Flamin’ Galahs versus Gulargambone Old Boys and Gulargambone Gulars...

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Junior League and Netball

Junior League and Netball last Saturday (June 29) in both Dubbo and...


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