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11 February, 2024

Best of 2023: $30K for 30th Jeans 4 Genes

It was a huge happy 30th anniversary gift to Jeans 4 Genes Day in 2023, after the Gilgandra community’s generous fundraising of $30,000 for the charity day.

By Emily Middleton

Best of 2023: $30K for 30th Jeans 4 Genes - feature photo

From August 2023

A record amount raised once again, Gilgandra is now in it’s 22nd year supporting the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), and each year the fundraising is blown out of the water. Head fundraiser and dedicated Jeans 4 Genes advocate Jenny Johnston is overwhelmed with the amount of support and generosity the fundraising received for yet another year.

“I am so proud to front our fundraising and thank the many people who donated,” she said.

“The generosity of this community is astounding. Our donors are very generous, and this year a substantial donation was given from a family affected by a genetic disease to help CMRI scientists continue their work.”

Another year, another record broken, with this year’s efforts smashing the $21,000 raised in 2022. Ms Johnston can’t stop thinking of how much the $30,000 will help with the institute, their research, and ultimately the children with birth defects or genetic diseases.

One in 20 kids faces a birth defect or genetic disease, like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and life-threatening metabolic disorders – which is 12 kids born every minute worldwide. In Gilgandra there a number of children who have been born with some of these rare diseases, and it’s the research of CMRI that extends their lives, finds cures, treatments, and ensures these children thrive as best they can.

In August 2023, Gilgandra’s schools smashed their fundraising efforts. Gilgandra High School raised a $1139 from their barbeque, Gilgandra Public School raised $551 from their Jeans 4 Genes stall, and St Joseph’s School raised $482 from theirs. Aussie Kindies even raised a total of $413 from their fundraising and online page. “Jeans 4 Genes Day is vital in teaching the students what the day is about, and raising awareness of how sick so man children are, as well as the research needed to help them live better lives,” Ms Johnston explained. 

This year, $6000 was raised from recycling and the use of return and earn. Cans and bottles were collected throughout the year from sporting events, the high school, and even peoples own recycling collection.

The iconic Jeans 4 Genes Day street stall was once again a huge success and well supported with delicious cooking from many generous chefs. The IGA raffle was also a hit, with a few thousand dollars raised just through ticket sales. But ultimately, the amount raised wouldn’t have been possible without the community’s enthusiasm and support, and Ms Johnston is beyond grateful. 

“To all the businesses and volunteers who work with me to achieve this amazing result, I thank you.” 


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