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19 December, 2022

Sports Spurts With Short ‘n’ Curly


So, folks this is the penultimate Sports Sports that I will be penning this year, which has got to be great news, because after next week you will at least get a few weeks off from me and Me Mate.

However, God willing, we intend to be back annoying you in 2023, well I do anyway, and I am thinking that Me Mate will tag along. Just giving you fair warning that’s all!


This being the giving time of the year that it is Me Mate thought that he would get into the spirit of it all so just the other day he walked up to a stranger who was sitting down in The Plaza and handed him a peach.

The stranger thanked him but said that he preferred pears.

So, Me Mate gave him another peach!


The Bryan Dixon stable may not have got a winner at the Cobar Picnics last Saturday, but it still returned to Giladise with affair amount of place prizemoney. Bizzaro ($6) opened up proceedings with a third in the first race on the program followed by Flying Foxy ($2 favourite) being second in the second then in race four More Than Luck ($3.50) filed past the post in a similar position before race five saw Jackal ($2.20) come second, Outback Pat ($4) third and Galleries Supreme ($4) fourth.


Services Club Stop Press, 10-years-ago!

Racing – The Western Racing Association conducted their annual general meeting and Andrew Schier, who had been vice-president of the association for four years, was elected as president. At the same meeting Anne Hall again was the secretary and Peter O’Connor from Gulargambone was elected to the WRA committee.

Lawn Bowls – the Gilgandra Women’s Bowling Club held their presentation afternoon with some of the recipients of trophies being Narelle Dunkley A Grade singles champion, along with winning the pairs with Kerry Johnson. Kerry was also a member of the team that won the triples championship with her fellow team members being Nell Reynolds and Joy Kennaugh.

Jean Bushell won the B Grade singles while Jasmin Kew cleaned up in the 21 Up and 150 Consistency events. Golf – a three-person ambrose conducted to support the Gilgandra and District Cancer Fundraisers plus the Gilgandra Men’s Shed was won by Mark and Owen Batten and Nathan Tuena.


Gilgandra Services Club. $2200 Member’s Draw this Friday, plus we also have our usual Spinna Winna with heaps of great prizes.

Giant Xmas raffle drawn Sunday, December 18. Your ticket comes out you get to pick your prize from the fantastic range available Schooner cards now available for members.

Ten XXXX Gold Schooners just $55. Ten Tooheys New or Tooheys Old or Hahn Super Dry schooners $60. Book our courtesy bus so you get to the club and home again safely. Phone 68472135. Gilgandra Services Club, your community club!


Me Mate was playing Trivial Pursuit the other night with some friends and the following question came up after he rolled the dice and landed on ‘Science and Nature’. His question was,

“If you are in a vacuum, and someone calls out your name, can you hear it!”

Me Mate gave this question some serious thought before he asked, “Is the vacuum turned on or off?”


Me and Me Mate hope that the nine young Gilgandra Little A’s members who have qualified for the regional carnival in Dubbo in February go easy on the candy cones and red cordial at Christmas.

Then again with their energy and enthusiasm for athletics we would assume that it won’t take long for them to shrug off a little youthful overindulgence over the Chrissy.

The nine we speak of are Joe Staggs, Sophie Peart, Sarah Chandler, Heidi Colwell, Isabelle Peart, Katie Colwell, Brock Lummis-Farr, Charlie Cruikshank, and Alyssa Ferguson.

That is a nice number of representatives from the Gilgandra Little A’s Go enjoy your candy cones and red cordial then hook in and go you good thing Gil Little A’s! Photos and full report in an upcoming edition


Me Mate just rushed in to tell me that he saw a bull caught up in an electric fence. He thinks that it was charging!


Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you! See below the clipping from The Gilgandra Weekly back in 1973 with a report about what would have been group 14 second division rugby league. Me and Me Mate have got to say that we were very impressed by the fact that Tooraweenah had and under 16s team as indeed did Mendooran and Gulargambone along with who knows who else. Times have changed with under 16 rugby league teams in the bush far from prevalent. There is also a cracking typo, but I’ll let you find that on your owm. Shame that!


Me and Me Mate have got the mail that Brady Myers is rapidly gaining a reputation as a bit of Friday night bowling gun specialist. A hard Friday day at the office (that being the post office) would seem to have little effect in blunting Brady’s bowling prowess up at on the greens at Gil Sporties come Friday night. Once again Brady was named man of the match after his team won the social bowls and I have to tell you that is no mean feat given the fact that he had to carry Andrew Schier and Tata Border throughout the evening, that weight being compounded by John Boyd also swinging on to Brady’s back for half of the time! That was one big effort there Brady!


I was in attendance at the Western Rams (formerly western division) Rugby League annual general meeting last Sunday and found the report given by a representative from the Western Women’s Rugby League competition to be rather interesting, especially the fact that so many girls who played in that recently completed competition have been signed up to play in the Tarsha Gale competition next year.

The Tarsha Gale competition is a NSWRL competition for under 19 players and was contested by 12 clubs this year. The vast majority of them being National Rugby League (NRL) clubs (including the mighty Canberra Raiders), but it does also include the North Sydney Bears and a team from St George and also from Illawarra.

Anyway, the bottom line as far as the western women’s comp goes is that no less than 21 (and possibly more) players who played in the western women’s comp have been signed up to play by various Tarsha Gale clubs

This includes players who played for the Castlereagh Cougars. This strongly suggests to me that there is a pathway for female rugby league players in our area to progress in the rapidly expanding world of female rugby league!


Me Mate recently went on a hot air balloon ride which he said was great, but at they end of the ride they had to stay back and pack up the balloon. That was a big let down!


My Weakly Weekly Poetic Effort!

Some long-time fishing buddies, had gathered for a card game.
But for this assembled group, things would never be the same
Because despite all their searching, of their houses, and their yards.
Not even one of them, could find a pack of playing cards.
So, it was with a tarot pack, that they did their card dealing.
But each one of them, soon had a funny feeling.
And it all came to a tragic end when one was dealt a full house
Things went strangely silent, you could have heard a mouse
Considering their tarot cards, they should have seen it coming
For the poker party was totally wiped out, by a semi that was really humming!


Me Mate’s young bloke just recently asked him if he could name two structures that could hold water. Me Mate was like, well damn!


This probably does not fall right in line with the Festive Season spirit that abounds at this time of the year but there was a bit of bashing gong on over at the Gil Royal and Ancient last weekend.

In fact, there was some big bashing going on! Ahh well, I guess one should expect such going’s on when you stage an event called the ‘Hinchcliffe Family Big Bash’. Indeed, the big bash was somewhat popular with local golfsters.

In particular Lyle Horwood, who won not only Saturday’s bash, but took out the title of being the ‘Best Big Basher’ over the whole weekend. Quentin Kariatiana was Sunday’s winner but could not reel Horwood in for the overall winner of the Big Bash weekend.


Well, I reckon that I am about done for this week so until next week, which will be my final effort for 2022, have a good one and stay safe. Hoh just before I go Me Mate reckons that he saw a bloke driving an electric car in a bit of trouble with the police this arvo.

Apparently, the driver didn’t have a current licence!

Be good and go the Mighty Raiders!

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