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16 March, 2022

Social bowls blow outs

By Christine McGrath

By Supplied

There were three games of social bowls on Wednesday and the scores were: 32-5, 24-8, and 26-8 (big difference there!).

However, the ultimate winners were Christine, Gil, and Dylan for the highest winning margin.

On Sunday there was one game of the Four’s Championship played and Larry Clark, Tracey Riley, Norm Lummis, and Dylan Marchant defeated Lloyd Gwyn, Jadyen Doran, Baden Fisher, and Garry Raines 17 to 15.

There was no social bowls on Sunday just a couple of muck around games played due to lack of players. If possible, it would be preferable for championship games to be played on Saturday.

Bowlers don't forget the presentation night is coming up. Full details on the bowls noticeboard.

The Greenkeepers Day tournament (cash prizes) will be held on Wednesday, March 23.

Did you know? The dot over an i or a j is called a tittle.

Trivia: answer to last week’s question: the largest lawn bowls size is No. 7.

Question: what is the plain or ornamental covering on the end of a shoelace called?

Answer in next week’s edition.

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