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16 February, 2022

Senior basketball ready to return

The new competition will kick off on Monday the February 21 at the youth club.

By Emily Middleton

Photo supplied via Unsplash

Please remember all players must be currently registered each week with Basketball NSW to play.

Court cost are $3 per player. All teams must have at least one female player on the court at all times during a game. COVID-19 restrictions are still in place that everyone must QR code in and any spectators or court officials inside must also wear masks.

Players and referees are exempt. Please make note of new starting times. Points are made up of three for a win, two for a draw, one for a loss, and zero for a forfeit. If you believe your team is going to forfeit a game for whatever reason, please contact Greg King as soon as possible so other teams can be notified.

Also make note of your team’s obligations to do duty. If you fail to do duty you will receive zero game points for your game that night.


Draw for round one on February 21 6.30pm Toucans v Balla Crew. Duty: GPS. 7.20pm GPS V All Stars. Duty: Toucans. 8.10pm Gil News and Gifts v Kelly and Astill. Duty: All Stars.

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