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12 December, 2021

Rain does not delay bowlers

Wednesday (November 24) bowls was won by Mike, Bob Rogers, and Rod for the least ends plus a win.

By Supplied

Gilgandra hosted Cardiff for a special weekend of bowls. Photos supplied.

Our visitors from Cardiff Bowling Club had a great time and we had a great weekend with them.

The weather held out for us, and we played on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

All cards were placed in the counting hat, (we borrowed it from Harry Potter) on both days.

Some of the winners were losers and some of the losers were winners of a few small cash prizes.

It was a fantastic social weekend, and they were a great bunch of guys. Believe it or not the raffle was won by Christine McGrath (not rigged I promise) so she donated some of the prizes for a second draw.

This was won by Geanie Rogers (not rigged there either).

Off the rink humour: The local minister had not seen young Johnny at Sunday school so when he found him beside a country road minding his dad's cattle. He thought it would be an appropriate time to deliver an impromptu sermon. "They are fine bullocks Johnny; do you know who made them?" "Dad did," replied Johnny. "Oh no, " the minister smiled, "God made those bullocks”. Johnny shook his head. "God made them bulls. Dad made them bullocks."

Bowl on

By Christine McGrath

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