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24 July, 2021

Polocrosse at Gil Showground

The Marra polocrosse carnival was held at the Gilgandra Showground recently, after being rained out on more than one occasion.

By Emily Middleton

The previous polocrosse carnival at Gilgandra Showground was held in the mid-1990s. This was also the last time that Gilgandra had its own polocrosse team.

Margaret Garnsey, a committed polocrosse player for over 43 years, said it was “very nostalgic to be back here [in Gilgandra].”

Mrs Garnsey was one of the founding members of the Gilgandra polocrosse group in 1983, and she proudly wore her canary-coloured Gilgandra polocrosse jacket over the weekend. The move to Gilgandra was a last-minute decision made by the Marra Monkey’s club, made only a week beforehand.

The local showground was considered one of the club’s next best options after the Marra grounds were rained out.

Polocrosse is more than just a sport to Mrs Garnsey, as it’s a way to keep her family connected. Having six sons, Mrs Garnsey was concerned that they would all go off and play sports that wouldn’t keep them together on weekends. But the polocrosse carnivals are a way for her and her boys to compete, even if against each other, and still spend quality time together.

“It’s a family sport. I can spend the weekend here with my family, and we can play for different teams, and it doesn’t matter. So I’m grateful that the carnival was still able to go ahead here in Gilgandra,” said Mrs Garnsey.

The carnival was held over Saturday and Sunday, July 10 and 11, with several hundred competitors in attendance.

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