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13 December, 2021

Narromine Jets welcomed to Castlereagh League

The Castlereagh League has welcomed the Narromine Jets into their competition with open arms.

By Emily Middleton

Gilgandra Panthers will have some new competition with Narromine joing the Castlereagh League in 2022. Photo courtesy of Stephen Basham.

After a struggle with player numbers, and a smaller pool of volunteers, the Jets were no longer able to field the minimum number of teams required to play in group 11.

The club also had no desire to be part of the new western-wide Peter McDonald premiership, which will start up next season.

Peter Hazelton, Gilgandra Panther’s president, said the decision was unanimous from the existing nine Castlereagh League clubs.

“Well Narromine didn’t have anywhere else to go if we didn’t accept them. We don’t want them missing out on footy now do we,” said Mr Hazelton.

“It’s going to make the competition stronger, and NSWNRL have come up with a pretty good draft draw too.”

Instead of the usual 18 competition rounds, the draft draw is looking at being 14 rounds instead, with some teams not playing each other twice.

“We’re going back to a competition where players want to play football for the pure fact of playing football,” said Narromine Jets president, Michael Burns.

“They’re not doing it for the wrong reason of playing for money. We’ve been speaking to sponsors and supporters and players for a while now, and they’ve all said the same thing about going to that competition so they can hold us in good stead.”

President of Castlereagh League, Chris Deighton, has welcomed the Jets into the competition.

“Obviously Castlereagh League is doing something right in terms of providing footy for our communities,” said Mr Deighton.

“We are not a ‘cheque book’ competition, and we thrive on having players, clubs, sponsors, and supporters who just want to have local rugby league in their town.”

There are currently 10 clubs set to play in the senior competition next year, including the Gilgandra Panthers.

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