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8 November, 2020

Let there be light

COVID-19 and rough weather have meant that the Gilgandra Speedway has had less than an eventful 2020. But, with new lights now installed and a state title race coming to town, the speedway is ready to get back into the swing of things.

By Telden Nelson

The lights at the Gilgandra Speedway needed replacing after a large storm a couple of months ago.

Following the large storm that ripped through the region and created a “mini-tornado” a couple of months ago, the Gilgandra Speedway was left without lights. But their lights are now back up and running says Louise Harland.

“When that storm came through, tree went down on the Newell Highway. It affected all our lights and power, which ended up being about $25,000 worth of damage,” said the Speedway’s Mrs Harland.

“Thankfully we were covered under insurance and we were able to get local Freck’s Electrical to come out and fix our lights up ready for this month’s race season opener.”

Mrs Harland said that it felt great to be able to get out and race again, particularly because this year had been rough on the speedway. “Without those lights we wouldn’t be able to race. It put us behind schedule a bit, with the lights and COVID; we’ve had to cancel four race meetings. It’s been a pretty big blow, we rely on the races to keep the track going.

“We’re very excited to get back out there, especially the drivers. They’re the ones that are really rearing to go.”

The speedway is coming back with a bang as well if all goes to plan and borders start to reopen.

“Our first meeting back is a state title, if the borders open. Straight off the back of COVID-19 cancelling meetings and into a state title, which is pretty big for Gilgandra.”

Mrs Harland said that this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work Freck’s Electrical had put into getting the track lights ready.

“He’s done a really great job of getting the lights ready and it hasn’t just been weekdays. He’s been out there on weekends trying to push on to get these lights going. It’s really helped us get back out there.”

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