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4 February, 2022

Kylie Louie, sports person of the year

Seeing her team as her sisters, Kylie Louie was the recipient of the 2022 Sports Achievement Award, for her dedication and passion for the Gilgandra Pink Panthers.

By Emily Middleton

Sports Achievement Award recipient - Kylie Louie.

As well as her role as co-coach for the league tag team, Mrs Louie is also the committed bus driver, making sure the team get to their away games safely, and is the registered first aid officer for the Gilgandra Panthers, with a level one sports trainer’s certificate.

“I am very humbled and honoured to receive the award. Thank you to those who nominated me,” said Mrs Louie.

As described at the local Australia Day events, “throughout the season, Kylie provides the team with fitness, self-confidence and a fair amount of humour which helps relax the atmosphere during tight games”.

“She is a role model for all girls. Kylie treats everyone equally and in return receives equal respect. To ensure the team is well prepared, Kylie washes all the team jumpers and organises team functions to help create a team spirit.”

Mrs Louie has played with the Pink Panthers since the inception of the local competition in 2015. While she has attempted to retired on multiple occasions, she always seems to be talked out of it.

“Every year I keep going back. I love the footy, I love the girls,” she said. Mrs Louie reflected on her first trial game with her coach Brendon Schembri.

“It was in Narromine, and I asked if I could have a run. It was the best game. We didn’t win, I don’t even think we scored, but it was a good day. Everything just kicked off from there.

“The girls, we became sisters. We all became sisters. Still to this day, I call Brendon coach, I have a lot of respect for him.”

In 2020, Mrs Louie, along with her partner Joe Wood, were named ‘club-persons of the year’ by the Gilgandra Panthers. This prestigious award was earned by the pair, through their hard work and commitment to the teams.

“What I’ve always said since day dot about the Pink Panthers, is we are a unique side, each and every single one of us brings something different to the team. And it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is, we have something to bring to the team to serve it up to the oppositions.”

The award was presented to Mrs Louie at the Australia Day celebrations in Hunter Park.

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