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1 March, 2022

Gular's super star swimmers

Six children from the Gulargambone Swimming Club, have swum a collective 80 kilometres over last month, to raise money for the Starlight Foundation.

By Emily Middleton

Adelaide Mudford, Ben Mudford, Jemima Harrison, Claudia Harrison, Thomas McIsaac, and David McIsaac are swimming the collective 80 kilometres as part of the Starlight Super Swim Challenge.

With a goal of $2000, the children have already smashed it, with over $4200 raised so far.

“We’re participating in the Starlight Super Swim Challenge to swim as far as we can for sick kids,” said the blurb on the children’s super swim page.

“We’ve all recently experienced periods of uncertainty and social isolation, and children and families who manage serious illness face this every day. We’re fundraising to bring happiness to sick kids when it matters most, and it would mean so much to us if you’d support our challenge.”

All swimmers smashed their goals for the swim before the month was over.

The Super Swim challenge raises money and awareness for all sick children.

According to the Starlight foundation, every minute of every day, a sick child is admitted into hospital in Australia.

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