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19 March, 2022

Cougars host Platypi at Gulargambone

Castlereagh Women's Rugby League

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Last weekend the Castlereagh Cougars hosted the Panorama Platypi in their last home game at Gulargambone. The weather was perfect for some great footy and for many of the Castlereagh teams a win was needed to secure a semi-final spot.

Under 13s

The U13s played a top of the table clash, with the winner securing the top spot. Both teams went in hard and neither wanted to lose.

The first half saw the Platypi girls show some great attacking and ball running to score the first couple of tries, this didn’t deter the Castlereagh girls though, who hit back with a couple of tries of their own through some great runs from forwards Marlea Moss and Ava Stanton.

The game continued to be one of back and forth between both teams, with Platypi scoring two more tries to Castlereagh’s one coming from Mokoia Birtles out of dummy half before half time, with Platypi going into half time 20-12. The second half was much of the same from both teams.

A few errors early in the half meant the Platypi scored a quick try off their fullback. This was followed by another try to their five-eight to secure eight more points. The Castlereagh girls continued to fight back coming close on multiple occasion but unlucky to cross the line.

With the final hooter going Panorama Platypi finished their season off undefeated beating the Castlereagh girls 20-12. A big congratulations to the U13s team who for most had never played rugby league before going into their semi-final.

Points for the game went to: three Tierrah Nicholls, two Talloulah Moore, one Mokoia Birtles and Player’s Player was shared by Keisha Thompson and Mokoia Birtles.

Under 15s

Both U15s teams were fighting it out for fourth to secure that semi-final spot. The Castlereagh girls needed a win, but the determined Platypi weren’t going to give up that easy.

Castlereagh we’re strong through the middle with good runs from Adda Craig, Temia Taylor and Sharna Forgione, leading to two strong tries from Adda Craig. Platypi were determined to stay in the game and continue to work hard gaining good field position on many occasions and we’re lucky to get a try before half time, going into the break 8-6.

The second half saw both teams come out hard to secure that win, with the weather getting warm both teams found it hard to maintain the pace and ferociousness of the first half forcing many errors from both teams. Platypi continued to push hard scoring three tries in the half and keeping Castlereagh scoreless.

Both teams played good hard footy with Platypi defeating Castlereagh 20-12 securing their semi-final spot and ending the Castlereagh girl’s season.

Points for this game went to: three Adda Craig, two Ella Hanney, one Natalie Gallen with players player also going to Adda Craig.

Under 17s

Although not in semi-final contention, the U17s were searching for their first win. The competing teams were both unlucky not to have wins during the season.

Platypi come up a bit short on players for the day reducing the game to nine-a-side. After gelling well over the last few weeks, the girls were keen for a win together however, got off to a bit of a slow start letting in four tries to their two. In the second half a very different team come back onto the field.

Strong leading runs through the middle by Missy Karaitiana, Hallie Hogden and Amy Verrall, gaining great field position, leading to multiple tries to Missy, Hallie, Olivia and Jardi. Platypi continued to fight back, through a try of their own. It wasn’t enough to keep out the Castlereagh girls, who again were strong through the middle with more tries to Sarah Morley and Temia Taylor.

The girls were just as good out wide with Jardi Naden and Olivia Milson scoring a hat-trick each through some great edge running. The Castlereagh girls defeated Platypi 54-26 finishing their season off with a great hard fought win.

Points for the game went to: three Hallie Hogden, two Sarah Morley, one Missy Karaitiana and Player’s Player went to Olivia Milsom.

Under 19s

The U19s we’re out looking to secure their semi-final spot with Platypi coming in short players on the day they too reduced to nine-a-side in what was warming up to be a hot afternoon.

This game was short lived however with Platypi having to forfeit at halftime due to injury and lack of players with the score finishing at 46- 0. The game nevertheless saw strong performances form Shakaye Walker and Ashanti Pennell leading the way display classy ball skills and attacking prowess executing plays, scoring multiple tries each and setting up many more.

This come off great defence from tackle machines Amarlee Vallette and Maddy Masman putting in huge workloads. The always reliable Hannah Carroll had some strong ball carries and made some dynamo tackles coming away with two tries in the game.

Other strong performances come Jannali Dwyer and Missy who was strong backing up from 17s tackling and ball running when she was on the field.

Points for the game went to: three Hannah Carroll, two Amarlee Vallette, one Ashanti Pennell and Player’s Player going to Hannah Carroll.

Open: Castlereagh v Platypi

In the last game of the day, the Cougars headed out against the top placed team Platypi, who were looking to secure the minor premiership.

While the Cougars were looking to secure a semi-final spot for the first time in many years. The game started out fast paced with Platypi scoring first through some hard running forwards. Castlereagh was quick to hit back, gaining some good field position to put Tori Canham close enough for a short kick through to chase and score herself, with the score 6-4.

The game continued to be back and forth with some big hits coming from both teams. Again, the Castlereagh girls were not ready to give up. Although they were feeling the heat, they were lucky to score through some good ball play and quick thinking from Channy Burgess to find the line, taking the score to 8-6 in favour of Castlereagh. Platypi, however, were not giving up that easy and scored again, taking back the lead with the score 10-8.

With minutes to go before halftime, a great kick-off from Tori Canham drew a Platypi error, allowing young gun Hannah Carroll to recover the ball. She ran 10 metres taking multiple Platypi defenders with her, only to offload to speedster winger Kylie Campbell to run in for a much needed try on the half-time hooter. This boosted the confidence of the Castlereagh girls leading at the break 12-10.

Strong first half performances were put in from Tori Canham, Emily Ryan, Channy Burgess, Sammy Turnbull, Maddy Masman and Shakaye Walker both backing up from previous games that day. The second half begun a bit slower for the Castlereagh girls. Platypi showed why they are on top of the ladder, hitting back with some good ball movement finding an overlap out wide to score the first try.

The game continued to be a good one with some great football on display from both teams. Strong ball carries from Courtney Penfold and Nikeata McMaster both back up from U19s. Maddie Bretag and Gemma Williams helped the team to get good field position on many occasions. This allowed Castlereagh to score next through some good ball movement skills from Shakaye Walker to put Emily Ryan down the edge running a good 30 metres to score.

The girls continued to play good footy together although the heat of the day didn’t not help and added to the handful of errors from both teams. Castlereagh dominated through the middle, with good plays from Sammy Turnbull and ever reliable hooker Maddy Masman to link up with Tori Canham to score her second try of the day.

A strong ball run from Sammy Turnbull, to find a hole and beat multiple defenders, to score a great try under the post, secured Castlereagh’s win. The final score being 32- 20. Points for the game went to: three Tori Canham, two Emily Ryan, one Channy Burgess and Player’s Player was Sammy Turnbull.

This week the U13s, U19s and opens all head to Grenfell to try and secure a grand final spot.

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