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27 October, 2021

Brian, Nicky, and Darren speedway life members

Brian Harland along with Nicky and Darren Walton have all had their years of commitment recognised with a life membership, at the latest Gilgandra Speedway AGM.

By Emily Middleton

The club awarded them life memberships for their time, support, work, and encouragement at the track.

“It’s a great honour to be given a life membership,” said Mrs Walton.

“I had no idea.

“It was a really lovely surprise.”

Life memberships are put forward by committee members, with no automatic time frame when the club decides.

Mrs Walton and husband Darren Walton have been a member of Gilgandra Speedway for 15 years. Brian Harland has been a member for over 30.

Mrs Walton is very proud of the Gilgandra Speedway and wants to remind locals just how great the facilities are that we have.

“With my husband and children racing, you get to go to other tracks around the state, and I don’t think the residents of Gilgandra realise what a wonderful facility they have here.

“Gil speedway is a business, and as such puts a lot of money back into the community,” said Mrs Walton.

“It is a great asset to the Gil community and Gil shire. The money doesn’t just stay at the track, the money goes into the hotels, the money goes into accommodation, food, fuel, so there’s that carry on affect there that the speedway gives to the community.”

All three new life members are passionate about the speedway and racing.

When Mr Walton was asked why he continued to support the Gilgandra Speedway despite no longer racing, he stated that “you can take the boy out of the race, but not the race out of the boy.”


The new committee was elected at the most recent Gilgandra Speedway AGM.

President: David Murray

Vice presidents: Jamie Kerr and Nick Broome

Treasurer: Bonnie Tink

Secretary: Louise Harland

Canteen coordinator: Kelly Broome

Publicity officer: Nikki Garnham


“The club is going strong moving forward, with lots of renovations including a new toilet block ready for the season to begin in January,” said Gilgandra Speedway secretary, Louise Harland.

The first two race meets of the Speedway season have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

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