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11 February, 2022

Bendigo Bank ABC Shield results

A tight game between Curban and Baradine was played on Saturday at McGrane Oval.

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Baradine got on the front for early with a win at the toss, opting to bat first on a dry wicket.

Doug Kelly opened the bowling and took three for 13 off his eight straight overs. With a few batters standing up, Baradine made their way to 4/50 at drinks. Despite a stro- ng effort of 28 from Craig McGla- shan, the Baradine collapse struck again as Curban kept the pressure on, with Stuart Younghusband taking two wickets in his first and only over. Baradine ended their innings on 71.

Kelly led Curban out again for the second innings, as Curban took to the openers with no issue with Kelly making 30 runs.

But bowling changes lead to Alex Barnett taking four for 23, Craig McGlashan taking two for nine, and Trent McGlashan taking one for five as Curban found their way to seven for 65 at the end of the nineteenth over.

Trent McGlashan conceded two runs in the final over before drinks; getting one through Curban's

defences on the final ball of the 20th over to leave Curban at eight for 67.

With five runs for Curban to win, and two wickets for Baradine to get, it was anybody's game. Enter captain Ben ‘the Boat’ Hjort, bowling dot after dot to find a maiden in the 21st over.

Trent McGlashan, continuing his spell, had to bowl at Stuart Young- husband, who seemed to want to have his say at the end of another innings.

Younghusband managed four runs off the over to tie the score with two wickets in hand.

Re-enter the Boat, who with some help off the pitch, found the outside edge of J Bunter to be caught behind by Paul Leonard.

With Baradine needing a wicket for the tie and Curban needing one for the win, the Boat charges in and...

...a dot. The thrilling game contin- ues. As the Boat charges in again, a fire in his eyes, and...

...takes a caught and bowled in his non-dominant hand, collapsing on the pitch in what will go down as one of the great games.

Truly, with a tie on the scoresheet, cricket was the real winner.

18 The Gilgandra Weekly

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 

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