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8 November, 2023

$50 million for central west flood recovery

By Andrew Tarry - Local Government Reporter

The NSW government has committed $50 million for the Central West communities impacted by the floods in late 2022. 

The funding will be provided to households to raise and retrofit their dwelling and allow the incorporation of designs and materials capable of withstanding future flooding events. 

 The NSW Reconstruction Authority is set to work with local community leaders to prioritise the additional funding and determine potential future funding which may be required. The cash injection will be an initial down payment towards measures including:

• Priority Disaster Adaptation Plans for the Central West so communities are better prepared. 

• Repair and replacement of critical community assets and improving the resilience of public infrastructure, including bridges and roads. 

• Assistance with housing programs, with work to be further developed with councils and community leaders. 

“It’s critical that we continue to support communities who have borne the brunt of the 2022 floods. We’ve seen first-hand how flood recovery efforts are progressing and we know recovery takes time,” said Minister for Emergency Services Jihad Dib. 

The funding comes on the back of other programs that have started to roll out across the central west for communities still suffering from the impact of the floods. 

So far 15 recovery assistance points have been set up across the Central West. $40 million Pods on Private Property Program and around $19 million for the At-Home Caravan program. 

“This is a significant step forward in making sure communities are better prepared for future floods and will allow community leaders to shape how recovery proceeds in the Central West. 

“We appreciate that what people want most is to get back into their homes and on with their lives and we are committed to helping them do just that. This is not about a simple fix, it’s a concerted effort making sure that communities in the Central West can build back stronger,” said Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Paul Scully.  

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