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19 April, 2021

Udderly ridiculous

On the evening of Easter Saturday, April 3, the Gilgandra SES unit was called to a very unusual case.

By Emily Middleton

A lone cow had made her way into her family’s pool on the outskirts of town, and had slipped in for a quick autumn dip. The 300-kilogram cow was found hanging out in the shallow end of the pool, after potentially being startled by a dog and falling in.

“She was almost a pleasure to work with,” said SES unit controller Geoff Kiehne.

The cow was said to be very relaxed and calm however, most likely exhausted from the day’s events. After three failed attempts, and the use of multiple pallets to create a makeshift step in the pool, the cow was successfully helped out and re-joined her mob without even a second thought.

“We’ve heard of cows getting into water and septic tanks which isn’t real clever, but never in a suburban swimming pool,” said Mr Kiehne.

“We are very thankful we didn’t have to use a crane. It luckily didn’t get to that point.”

Mr Kiehne can now confirm that it takes three people, one hour, and a fair bit of muscle power to remove a cow from a pool.

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