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17 February, 2022

Stolen Blooms

Over the past week, store holders on Miller Street have noticed the uprooting of plants from their sidewalk gardens.

By Emily Middleton

These plants have reportedly gone missing from four store fronts so far, however there definitely could be many more.

“Mine were pulled out, and taken out the back of the shop and dumped,” said owner of Gil News and Gifts, Caitlynn King.

“It’s just so frustrating. The whole street is trying to do something nice for their shops and the street, and people just come along to be a menace.”

Some people’s plants were taken and dumped like Ms King’s, and others were just uprooted and taken all togeth- er, leaving nothing but dirt behind.

The team at MH Thomas were the initiators of the street- side pot plants. They were introduced as a way to lift peo- ple’s spirits during the drought. “We did it during the drought to add a bit of colour,” said Hayden Whiteman.

“Things were very sad, so we thought adding that colour might makes things a little better.”

Ms King is only one of the handful of people who’s plants have been taken, and she’s already concerned about the cost.

“They’re expensive too, if I have to replace the plants multiple times in the year, the cost will be up there.

“So why do it? Stop, just look at it and keep walking. Save up, buy your own plants!”

There is currently talk of putting CCTV cameras outside shopfronts to try and catch the plant pickers. 

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