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27 July, 2022

Police reminder to lock it or lose it

Local police are encouraging locals to follow a simple three step nightly routine. Known as the ‘9pm Routine’, the guide aims to help promote personal safety and protect the community.

By Supplied

Inspector Russell McArthur, of the Orana mid-western police district, said the program is a positive partnership with the community and has the important goals of crime prevention and public safety.

“The 9pm Routine is designed to safeguard and strengthen our community to deter crime, improve personal safety and build community resilience,” he said.

“Although numbers of such offences are low in Gilgandra, we asked you to follow the simple steps to make it harder for crooks to operate in the town.

“The activities we are encouraging through the 9pm Routine are built on a careful analysis of crime in the community and the identification of the simple behaviours that can have a direct influence on the likelihood of being a victim of crime. Property offenders are opportunistic and rely on us to not keep our property secure. An analysis of our data tells us eight out of 10 homes that are broken into were entered by unlocked doors or windows.

“Put simply the intent of the strategy is lock it or lose it!”

Residents are being asked to add three simple steps to their nightly routine before they go to bed.

“We are asking everyone to develop the following three effective crime prevention habits before you go to bed at night - this is why the strategy is called the 9pm Routine.”

Residents are asked to remove valuables from their cars, lock their vehicles and homes, and secure their keys in a safe place

“These behaviours will go a long way to make life tough on thieves,” said Inspector McArthur.

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