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16 May, 2022

Meet constable Selby

Gilgandra’s newest constable, Stephen Selby, started his new career at Gilgandra police station last Tuesday, May 3.

By Emily Middleton

“I’ve been a police officer for two days,” said constable Selby, last week.

“Graduated on Friday, was here Sunday.” A former mechanic from the central coast, constable Selby, was looking for a challenge.

He said that he’s excited for the change of scenery.

“I will be here for three years, unless I fall in love with Gilgandra, then who knows how long,” said con- stable Selby.

Never being to Gilgandra before, constable Selby said he’s looking forward to getting to know the locals. “Just being in the community, rather than being stuck in a big city where there’s 50 cops in one place, and you don’t know anyone – that’s what I’m looking

forward to.”
Constable Selby says that he is happy to be here, and

said locals shouldn’t be shy to say ‘hello’. 

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