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4 February, 2022

Isolated: but not because unwell

A man called Bob from Western Australia has been stuck on a farm in the Gilgandra region for close to 10 months now.

By Emily Middleton

Coming to NSW through South Australia in April last year, Bob took his wife’s ashes on a road trip through the Barossa Valley. A bucket list item for her, Bob decided he’d leave when the WA boarder opened, and made a trip to visit his son for his 50th birthday.

However with the WA border closing behind him, Bob has since not been able to get back. Distraught at missing crucial family events, Bob claims he has done everything he can to get back.

“Mr McGowan (WA premier) has put me on death row for the last nine months,” said Bob.

“I call it attempted murder. He’s willing to sacrifice everyone outside of his border. He’s only doing the right thing for people inside his boarder. I might be old, but I’m not dead.

“I’ve missed out on my grandson’s wedding, I’ve missed out on my granddaughter’s 21st, Christmas with the family, my own birthday, they can’t even give me an answer.”

Bob says that he has submitted border passes, but the WA government are unable to give him an answer. Depending on where you are travelling from, interstate travellers are permitted to WA, subject to strict conditions.

According to the WA government website, these conditions are based on public health advice and are outlined as part of WA’s controlled border arrangement. This arrangement does not allow travellers to enter WA from medium, high, or extreme risk jurisdictions, without an approval through G2G Pass.

According to the WA government website, all of Australia’s states and territories are classified at some level of risk. Travellers must be fully vaccinated, and follow quarantine requirements.

“I’ve been to the police, the premier’s office, the member of parliament, but WA doesn’t seem to care if I live or die,” said Bob.

Bob has driven to the SA/WA border this weekend, and plans on sitting there until he gets an answer. Bob has said he is fully vaccinated, and has hardly left the farm over the past 10 months.

No doubt the continued border closure has caused many other residents to become stranded interstate for long periods. The WA border rules change this week.

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