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13 April, 2021

Help Amanda Stubbs through this sudden emergency

The Stubbs' family are currently a long way from home, struggling to keep up financially while Amanda Stubbs battles an illness that struck out of nowhere.

By Supplied

Brad, Greg, Amanda, Tina and Jake Stubbs. Photo supplied.

On Good Friday, April 2, Amanda Stubbs and her husband Greg Stubbs packed up for an overnight trip to Broken Hill where things changed quickly, and Amanda Stubbs became seriously ill. She started to experience strong head pain and began vomiting. From then on, her husband took her to Broken Hill Hospital, where she was quickly flown to Royal Adelaide Hospital in a serious condition. Mr Stubbs followed by vehicle, making the long journey to Adelaide to be by her side, knowing she was undergoing brain surgery and he couldn't be with her.

Mrs Stubbs was in ICU for a while, fighting for her life on a ventilator with an early diagnosis of a bleed on the brain. However, she has recently come out of ICU and is currently in the neurological ward awake, but still quite confused. Mr Stubbs was able to stay with his wife for the first night but has now had to find accommodation as he is unable to stay at the hospital. Unfortunately, cheap accommodation is hard to come by, and with added fuel, food and all other expenses that need to be paid, the family have found themselves in a difficult financial situation.

The Stubbs family is local to Gilgandra, with Mrs Stubbs working full-time at IGA and Mr Stubbs working at Aherns. Friends say the family now needs community help as they are a long way from home in unfamiliar surroundings, and away from family and friends that can help them. This journey will now be long, exhausting and full of medical appointments and ongoing expenses, but it will be worth it to get Mrs Stubbs well again and back into our small community.

Any donation, big or small, will help this family on this extremely difficult journey.

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