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10 February, 2022

Gular Preschool finally open

After five years in the making, the Gulargambone Preschool has finally opened its doors to children on Tuesday.

By Emily Middleton

The preschool has operated out of the Gulargambone Presbyterian Church Hall since it’s beginning in the 1970s, meaning the new building will be the school’s first concrete structure of their own.

“I am beyond excited that we’re just finally here,” said temporary director of Gulargambone Preschool, Crystal Mudford.

The preschool received over a million dollars in grant funding back in 2017, and the building has been construct-

ed and ready to go since December 2020. However, hearing back from the department of education is what put the pro- ject on hold.

“The department kept coming back to us and asking for extra information. So, it’s taken time to gather that infor- mation,” said Mrs Mudford.

“The building was completed on December 21, 2020. The landscaping was complete June or July last year. We were waiting on an interim occupation certificate to begin 2022.” After receiving that certificate, the preschool still needed a department approval for service. Mrs Mudford

received the call from the department at the end of last year. “They said, are you ready for us to come out and have a look at the building? So, in the last week of term four 2021, we moved everything out of the old preschool. It took three days, I can’t believe we did it, everything out of the old building into the new one.”

Educators Sharon Tindall and Mrs Mudford have spent the entire school holidays getting the building ready for the department to come out and have a look for the compliance check. 

“They let me know last Friday morn- ing that we got the all-clear, the go ahead,” said the preschool’s temporary director Crystal Mudford.

The children are beyond excited to see their new space. The new building has an extensive play area and multiple rooms, along with a large outdoor area.

“I think they’re really excited, I can’t wait to see the little faces when they see the play area.

“There’s so much space. There’s one room specifically for teaching and learn- ing, another room specifically for play- time, we’ve got a full kitchen, a laundry, a staffroom, a separate main office, we’ve got a ginormous play area and a bus shed. We’ve just got so much room.”

The preschool’s construction and com- pletion could not have happened without the supportive team behind it. Project manager Ash Walker has helped push the preschool off the ground.

“Ash Walker has been absolutely bril- liant, and we definitely couldn’t be where we are without him,” said Mrs Mudford.

“Amii Marchant, the director that’s on maternity leave, she’s done such an amazing job and it’s been a real privilege to take over from her and get this across the line. Plus, our gardener, Ken Irwin, has done an amazing job getting every- thing ready, and helping us.”

The preschool’s first official day for staff only, was yesterday, Monday, February 7, 2022. 

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