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30 September, 2021

Gilgandra Weekly annouces Guardian Australia partnership

A reporter from The Guardian Australia will begin working from The Gilgandra Weekly offices in coming weeks, as the Guardian sets to building a network of writers in rural Australia.

By Emily Middleton

The new regioanl reporter will be moving to Gilgandra in coming weeks.

Natasha May, originally from Sydney, will be living and working in Gilgandra, reporting on western and far western regions of NSW for the Guardian online.

The Guardian Australia reached out to Gilgandra Newspapersearlier this year to collaborate. Ms May and Gilgandra Newspapers will work alongside each other to provide content for both mastheads

Managing editor of Gilgandra Newspapers, Lucie Peart, is thrilled to have Ms May join the Gilgandra Newspapers team.

“We are very excited to be part of this opportunity to help sustain regional journalism. This program, that provides a young journalist with the chance to experience the wonderful opportunities that regional communities have to offer.

“They will also witness the challenges living in the bush throws at us and develop a greater understanding of a journalist's role in modern society.”

Gilgandra Weekly journalist, Emily Middleton, is looking forward to the collaboration.

“I am so thrilled to have a peer to work with. In a small newsroom, this kind of opportunity can’t exactly happen without the collaboration of bigger corporations. I’m very excited to eventually meet Natasha!”

Ms May is set to move to Gilgandra in the following weeks, COVID-19 permitting.

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