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17 June, 2022

Free ambulances as paramedics take industrial action

From the first day shift tomorrow (June 18), until the end of day shift Monday (June 20), there will supposedly be free ambulance calls, as the NSW Australian Paramedics Association (APA) take industrial action.

By Emily Middleton

“We just want to show them that we're not that happy with a pay rise that's under the cost of inflation,” said vice president of the NSW APA, Scott Beaton.

Last week, NSW premier Dominic Perrottet lifted wage cap for all public service workers from 2.5 per cent to three per cent.

However, public service workers have signaled that this is still below inflation, which sits at five per cent.

This industrial action comes just two weeks after the last one. As there was no formal response, the NSW APA have decided to try again, in order to gain more attention from governing bodies.

“The other thing we’re doing, is not partaking in any after treatment transfers, so taking people from a high acuity back to a low acuity facility or taking people on medical appointments,” said Mr Beaton.

However, Mr Beaton assured that in Gilgandra, these types of transfers are quite rare.

“Our main thing is not billing patients for ambulances. When they call an ambulance, the government sends the bill, however, the hope is no one will receive their bill. Unfortunately, I think the systems work so that the computers can recognise someone’s name and date of birth so they might, but we will do our best.”

The industrial action is set to last until the end of the day shift on Monday, June 20.

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