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8 April, 2021

Emu-zing Race at Emu Logic

In early November of 2020, Tooraweenah’s very own emu farm, Emu Logic, was taken over by hoards of camera crews and tv personalities.

By Emily Middleton

Amazing Race host Beau Ryan with Emu Logic’s Nicole Harte. Photo supplied.

The Amazing Race, a show televised by Channel 10, used Emu Logic as one of their challenge locations in episode 21, airing Sunday March 21, 2021.

Dan Harte from Emu Logic said that the highlight was “Just everyone being here, seeing so many people, so many people in the crew as well. There was I think 40 odd, 45 people here with them, lots of camera crew and drivers.”

The challenge set for the competitors were one of two, crack or corral. The crack challenge involved the cracking and then consuming of multiple raw eggs, and the corral challenge involved attracting and herding emus into a pen. Both came with their own advantages and disadvantages. Mr Harte was on the crack challenge.

“It wasn’t too bad watching, it’s not that bad watching it but I don’t think I’d be that happy to do it myself. I suppose if you were up for that much money, you’d probably try it,” he said.

Mr Harte hopes that the spotlight attracts more visitors to Emu Logic and the surrounding area, and has already noticed an increase in bookings since the episode went to air.

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