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25 July, 2022

Dogs reunited

From the bad comes good: a man passing through Gilgandra has reunited three dogs to their distressed owners after they had been stolen from homes in Dubbo.

By Emily Middleton

Over a week ago, a man was caught on surveillance cameras in the early hours of the morning trying to enter the Dubbo home of Sue Grisinger.

Mrs Grisinger stated that they had left a caravan out the front of their house, in which a person broke into.

“We were foolish and left a bunch of keys in the console that these thieves found and used to open the garage,” said Mrs Grisinger.

Soon after the garage was opened, Mrs Grisinger’s two white dogs Roxanne and Augustus came out to investigate the intruder.

“We think they picked them up to stop them barking, they’re super friendly they’d go to anybody,” said Mrs Grisinger.

“We could see on the security cameras them being carried away at 3.18 in the morning. Four minutes later the thief came to the front door and was caught on the RING camera trying the key lock with the wrong key. Luckily in their hurry to pick the dogs up they had put the bunches of keys down to the houses and left them there.”

Mrs Grisinger had police come to the house, and declined for fingerprints to be taken due to the knowledge that the thief had gloves on, and she had touched everything in the meantime. The whole family was devastated when they realised the beloved dogs were missing. Mrs Grisinger’s grandchildren were over at the time, and she said the whole house was a sobbing mess.

“It was distressing beyond belief,” she said.

It was Mrs Grisinger’s daughter who suggested going to Facebook. “

She is a Facebook wizz, and she got me onto a pet detective company who gave me a lot of good advice about going to police, and pushing it, and advertising it. Once I had done that, the voluntary program Missing Pets Australia contacted me, and they are just so passionate and so tenacious, and so encouraging,” said Mrs Grisinger.

A French bulldog was also stolen the same night from a nearby house, and Mrs Grisinger was in touch with the owners often while their dogs were missing.

“The owners were just devastated.”

After days of searching and hundreds of people on the look out for these three dogs, Mrs Grisinger received a phone call from our very own Blake Gwyn, the on call ranger for the Gilgandra Shire Council.

“They said ‘it’s the pound’ and I immediately knew they had our dogs.”

Mr Gwyn received a phone call on Tuesday morning from a person passing through town.

“He was on the outskirts of Federation Street and he almost hit a little French bulldog. So he picked him up and called me.”

But while on the phone, two white dogs emerged from the paddock.

“So I went and picked them up and took them back to scan their microchips. But I had a little inkling I had seen these dogs somewhere before - and then it occurred to me I had seen them as stolen on Facebook,” said Mr Gwyn.

The three dogs were safely returned to their owners, much to their surprise.

“I thought we might get one back, but to find all three of them together was just amazing,” said Mrs Grisinger.

Mrs Grisinger was extremely grateful to the Missing Pets Australia team, and everybody else who had their eyes out for the dogs.

Now too scared to leave them outside, Roxanne and Augustus are lapping up the new luxury of being inside dogs.

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