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13 February, 2022

Beat the heat this summer

As summer continues and the weather stays warm, Aussies are urged to remain vigilant when it comes to spending time in the heat.

By Supplied

You don’t just run the risk of sunburn while out during the summer, but more serious cases of heath stroke and heat exhaustion too.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, pale skin, a fast and weak pulse, shal- low breathing, tiredness, dizziness, and

headaches. Symptoms of heat stroke include a sudden rise in body temperature, red, hot and dry skin, a dry swollen tongue, a rapid pulse, rapid shallow breathing, intense thirst, dizziness, nau- sea and in severe cases, seizures or loss of con- sciousness.’

“Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are two of the most serious issues that can occur from extreme heat and excessive sun exposure,” said

deputy commissioner of advisory at St John Ambulance NSW, Elliot Williams.

“Knowing the signs and symptoms of heat- related illness could save a life.”

It isn’t only the sun that people should be cautious of, but also the water. With a dip in the local pool or river the perfect way to cool down in the heat, locals should exercise water safety.

Sixty drowning deaths have been recorded

this summer alone and knowing how to recog- nise and respond to emergencies can help save lives. Brushing up on CPR skills are an impor- tant and easy way ensure you are prepared for potential emergency. Some of the best ways to protect yourself during the summer is maintain hydration, protect yourself from the sun, never go swimming alone, and seek help if you are concerned about how you feel. 

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