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26 May, 2022

Variety Bash comes to town

You may have seen some funny cars around town on Monday as the Variety Bash stopped in Gilgandra for a much- needed break.

By Emily Middleton

The Variety Bash is a fundraising event that supports Variety the children’s charity, who support children who are sick, experiencing disadvantage, or those living with a disability.

On the way to Quambone Public School, Head of Motoring for Variety Peter Harvey explained the events details.

“It’s a week long celebration for all the fundraising everyones done over the course of 12 months. Each bash car has to raise $4000 to enter the event. There is a whole variety of ways people raise

their $4000, sometimes as simply as sell- ing cakes and doing sausage sizzles, and others do it corporately.”

“Last year we raised collectively about $1.25 million.”

Starting in Newcastle, the group of about 320 people travel through regional towns to see the real life impact their fundraising efforts make.

“I started because of my daughter,” said Mr Harvey.

“It’s something close to our heart. Like Peter said, he has a special needs daughter and Variety came along and helped them. And after a bit of pestering, I finally did a bash, and now this is my eighth,” said Gavin Macrae.

The bash began on Sunday, May 15, and continued throughout the week. 

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