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29 December, 2022

Urgent call for O- blood

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood urgently needs people with O negative blood to donate between now and ANZAC Day, as consecutive long weekends threaten supplies.

Lifeblood’s reserves of the emergency blood type – needed by accident and trauma patients – have dropped to their lowest point in 12 months.

“The need for blood is often unplanned and urgent, and many of our donors take a well-deserved break over long weekends,” said Dubbo Lifeblood spokesperson Brian Bruce.

“This Easter is particularly difficult with back-toback long weekends on both Easter and ANZAC Day.

“We urgently need people to book a donation between now and ANZAC Day, with donations of all blood types needed.”

Gilgandra’s community group donation is coming next week, where a bus will be picking up locals to take them to lifeblood for their convenience. A recent study by Lifeblood found that O negative makes up 15 per cent of hospital orders across Australia, but less than seven per cent of the population.

“This rare blood type is in high demand because it can be given in emergency situations where a patient’s blood group is unknown,” said Mr Bruce.

“It’s often stocked in ambulances and rescue helicopters to be used for trauma patients who can require huge quantities in a short amount of time.

“If you don’t know your blood type, donating is an excellent way to find out – with every blood type needed every day to help save lives.”

As well as accident and emergency patients, blood will be needed by thousands of people this Easter weekend, including trauma and emergency patients, mums delivering babies, and people undergoing cancer treatment.

“A single blood donation can mean a lifetime for the person receiving it, and all it costs a donor is an hour of their time,” said Mr Bruce.

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