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27 June, 2023

Unity Week in Gilgandra, 2023

By Pastor Simonea Barden

The Week of Christian Prayer and Unity is held each year in Gilgandra. Its an opportunity to go to the various Christian churches in Gilgandra and see how they worship, how they hold a church service and how they interact with one another. This whole week is a time of fellowship and getting to know each other so much better.

This year as people visited, they heard sermons that encouraged and reminded us all of the great love our Father God has for us and the way Jesus made a way for our eternity. The Holy Spirit was sent to unite us all back to a loving God and one another, an intimate example of the Triune God.

He is the counsellor, the spirit of truth and will never leave us. Living without the Holy Spirit is like playing a team sport with one man/woman down. There is a lack of power and victory in our lives and this was never God’s plan for us to live that way. As we desire and embrace the gift of the Holy Spirit we are comforted, and have a source of strength enabling us to withstand the storms of life rather than being tossed to and fro.

We were urged to live a life that measures up to that gift, walking worthy of the calling that we have been called with. We are able to put aside differences, forgive and walk in love and peace relying 100 per cent on God. Jesus disciples were tax collectors, fishermen, men that worked with their hands. Some were meek some excitable, all different.

Jesus didn’t make them change, as they carried on the Lords work they were shaped and brought together. We heard of the miracles of Elisha, how to have great marriages, and potentially dangerous conversations that lead to a woman being set free and going and telling everyone that she had been speaking with Jesus.

The testimony of a person that has encountered Jesus and found eternal life is real, honest and powerful and many come to faith hearing of those wonderful encounters.

As we have an intimate relationship with Jesus our Lord and Saviour, we find that place where He dwells within us and our heart is changed and we are able to go out and speak to a world that desires that love that only God can provide through Jesus.

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