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22 December, 2022

Top results for local HSC students

A number of local year 12 students made their community proud with high-achieving, well-deserved results all-round.

By Emily Middleton

Three top local students in this year’s cohort made the highly-prestigious “Merit List”, meaning that they received one or more of the highest-ranking band sixes in their chosen subjects.

These students were Ella McAnally-Elwin for business studies, design and technology, and mathematics standard two; Sarah Schier for design and technology; and Abby Tate for business studies.

Four students also achieved a total of 11 band fives. These were Amelia Henry for agriculture; Sarah Schier for business studies and legal studies; Abby Tate for English advanced, English extension, maths standard two, modern history, and PDHPE; and Ella McAnally- Elwin for English advanced and English extension.

School captain Sarah Schier said she was pleased with her results, and was actually shocked to find out she had gone so well.

“I was expecting much lower marks. I’m very proud to have achieved a band six in one of my favourite subjects (design and technology), and am also proud of applying myself from the very beginning which made the exams far less stressful,” said Sarah.

In 2023, Sarah is off to CSU Orange to study a bachelor of pharmacy. She is looking forward to experiencing life outside of Gilgandra.

Abby Tate who received a band six for business studies, said it was a nervous build up to see her results, and she didn’t know what to expect.

“I had no predictions whatsoever. With the exams being so long ago now, and not remembering how I answered them - I was prepared for anything,” said Abby.

“But after seeing them at 5:55am on that morning, I was amazed. The whole year I had an ATAR goal of 85, but never voiced it in fear of not reaching it. But seeing a 89.65 was very emotional as I realised all the work I had put in came to fruition.

“It was a long year with doubts and fear, but seeing my results really made it all worth it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my teachers. They were like my best friends throughout year 12 and I am so grateful to have them. Those results are a credit to them too,” said Abby.

Spending both year 11 and year 12 in and out of lockdowns, students of the 2022 cohort have come out better than ever on the other side. Abby said she was proud of herself for not throwing the towel in after multiple COVID-19 lockdowns.

“I am so proud of my entire cohort for our success as a whole.

“I think some people stereotype rural and public schools into categories of poor education, but we’re proof that you don’t need to go to a private school in a big city for success in the HSC,” said Abby.

Off to ANU Canberra next year for a bachelor of business with a major in marketing, Abby is looking forward to continuously learn.

“I’d like to work with major businesses in their marketing department, and help create online social platforms. Although my grandparents don’t really see the point in the job of marketing, I think it’s such a crucial aspect to how business is done, and I am so excited to learn all about it.”

A morning tea on “HSC-ATAR Day” was held in the high school grounds for the graduating class of 2022; a lovely way to round-off all the hard work the students had put-in over their schooling.

Year 12, 2022 coordinator, Bree Patten said she was incredibly proud of the students with the results a reflection of their dedication and commitment.

“Many of them came to additional tuition before, and after school, as well as during holidays,” Ms Patten said.

“2022 was the first time in many years, that business studies has run. A class of only five students resulted in two band sixes, two strong band fives, and a strong band four, which was an amazing achievement,” she added.

She said that the families and friends of all students are exceptionally proud of the high school’s graduating class of 2022, and are looking forward to seeing what they get up to next.

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