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30 March, 2022

Tooraweenah Public School - March 29

By Principal Karen Smith

By Supplied

Coach 2 cope

Last Thursday, Nadine Jenkin engaged in the professional learning ‘Coach 2 Cope’ in Dubbo. After completing the training, Mrs Jenkin commented “I’ve really enjoyed this training. This is one training that could be made mandatory by the department. Definitely recommended it, if it comes around again”.

The course is designed for educators and other professionals that work with young people, to learn the latest practical strategies and skills to better support young people who experience acute mental health issues, emotional dysregulation and challenging behaviours.

Two parents also participated in the complimentary training to families and carers that was offered as part of this training. Symphonium Jubilate Students in years three to six who are interested in learning an instrument and become part of Symphonium Jubilate Outback can find more information about events and opportunities attached to this week’s newsletter.

The school has received a minister’s creative arts grant that enables families to have the cost of music lessons reduced. Please contact Mrs Smith if you would like to learn an instrument and utilise this funding. Flood packs The school is organising to join with another small school in a flood effected area and put together some happy packs for their students.

In the coming weeks, we hope to hear from the Primary Principal’s Association who will put us in contact with a school. When we find out more about the age and likes of the students we are supporting, the school will send out requests to families for donations of items to fill the boxes.

This is a great opportunity that we can pay it forward after being so well supported during the drought by other caring school communities.

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