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25 April, 2023

Tooraweenah Preschool - April 12, 2023

Eggs, chickens, seniors’ visit, and Happy Easter!

We have been learning all about eggs and what grows inside of them.

With the help of Miss Shannon’s incuba- tor, all of us are now proud mums and dads of 16 cute little baby chicks.

They are the most loved, cuddled, and well-looked after chickens ever.

Miss Shannon now brings them in each day, and they are big enough to stay outside in the chicken coop after a wander around the grass and sand and a little play with us.

We extended this interest further after reading the story, Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones, and then conducted an egg growing experiment each day.

After passing around a different egg each day, we placed it in water to see what would happen. Within 24 hours we had a dinosaur, a unicorn, and also a snake growing after they had hatched out of the eggs.

The children were fascinated with this, and started thinking about what would hap- pen if we took them out of the water, so we did.

Over the next week (and a few super-hot days) we discovered they shrank again — from up to 16cm long to almost fitting back into their egg size.

So, after more discussions, measuring, investigating and thinking, they are back in the water and growing again.

This has led us to another investigation about volume, and understanding this fur- ther while enjoying the stories, Who Sank the Boat, and Mr Archimedes’ Bath.


We had a fabulous time recently at the Tooraweenah Senior Citizen’s Luncheon, where we told the story, The Lamington Man to everyone there, with a few extras, includ-

The preschool has welcomed 16 chickens.

ing more cats, dogs and even a couple of sheep.

Everyone was very good at chasing the Lamington Man when he sang “Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Lamington Man!”


Friends have also loved gardening out- side, helping put in a new garden area near the wooden walkway bridge, planting some new veggies after our cherry tomatoes fin- ished, and decorating our entrance by plant- ing some hanging pots and putting up some colourful and fun garden ornaments.

We’ve also played in the water trough and loved watching the coloured ice melt and create changes in the water.

Inside friends have been having lots of fun dressing-up, playing the most amazing ‘police and princesses’ game with lots of action and drama, with time for a cuppa’ and snack at our home-corner café.

Other activities have included playing with the farm animals and sheep yards, and lots of engineering and interesting building with the magna-tiles construction, including the building of some incubators and fabu- lous chicken coops.

We’ve enjoyed lots of singing, dancing, stories, celebrating Harmony Day and, just before we return for Term Two, we will be joining our friends from Tooraweenah Public School to perform a musical item at the Tooraweenah community ANZAC Day ser- vice.

We have had a wonderful term of investi- gating anything and everything about eggs, which was even more fun in the lead-up to with Easter. Have a lovely school holidays everyone and hope you had Happy Easter.

Marie Jacobsen Nominated supervisor 

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