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18 July, 2021

Telstra 4G in Toora

Work has commenced on the Telstra 4G mobile phone tower in Tooraweenah.

By Emily Middleton

Photo via Unsplash.

Locals have been without mobile phone or data coverage, and over time this has become a major issue for businesses and locals.

Previously, mobile phone calls could only be made from the Warrumbungle viewing platform, just south of the village.

In April 2019, Tooraweenah CWA decided to take on a project to see the establishment of a Tower for Tooraweenah village so residents, businesses and visitors could connect to the digital world.

“It will provide mobile coverage and some data transfer for the people who; live in the village, do business or to attend events. It certainly will be big for businesses in the community, as well as the school,” said Jill Blackman, Tooraweenah CWA vice president and secretary.

Once completed, this project will benefit everyone through good access to mobile services, banking, emails and internet access generally. The Tooraweenah Village Rural Fire service will be able to receive text messages, personal medical alarms can be activated and travelling professionals will be able to keep in touch with their base.

The establishment of the tower will reduce the disadvantage of being remote by equalising remote living with those who live in towns and cities.

The total cost of the project was around $80,000. Local individuals and Tooraweenah community groups, raised $14,000, and council donated $30,000. The other $36,000 was provided by Telstra.

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