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21 June, 2023

Ted Johnston’s wings

What could be a long and difficult trip was made easy for the Johnston family last week, when Wings4Kids flew Ted up and back to Sydney in a day, all before the school bell rang.

By Emily Middleton

Ted Johnston has a rare genetic disorder known as Angelman syndrome, and often requires acute medical attention and specialist appointments.

However, Ted was able to fly up and back to Sydney in a day to receive his new ankle-foot orthosis (AFO’s).

“It was particularly special to have such a quick and easy trip, as last time we travelled down to have Ted’s AFO’s casted, Ted had a massive seizure and we ended up spending four days in Sydney Children’s Hospital,” explained mum Sarah Johnston.

Mrs Johnston was incredibly grateful for Wings4Kids making the job “one hundred times easier”.

“My two other kids appreciate it and Ted is so much more comfortable at home playing with his toys, freshly bathed, fed, watered, medicated and able to sleep in his own bed,” she said.

“(Wings4Kids) were incredible during our hospital stay and organised flights back for us, kept in contact with us and the hospital, and were incredibly accommodating, generous, and kind.”

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