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5 March, 2021

Sporties to meet on proposed amalgamation

Due to financial insecurity and uncertainty, Sporties Gilgandra have proposed an amalgamation with Gilgandra Services Club in order to secure the club's future and prevent an outright closure.

By Telden Nelson

The board of the Gilgandra Sporting Club and interested community members met this week for an information session about a proposed amalgamation of the club with the Gilgandra Services Club. Treasurer Guy McAnally-Elwin said the club’s financial viability is what prompted the proposal.

“The financial result for the club for the past eight years have resulted in a combined loss of $138,260,” said Mr McAnally-Elwin.

“During this time also, the club’s bank balance has reduced by $102,988. The finances depleted to such a point where the sale of assets was the only option and, as a result, the club owned house was sold in September 2019.

“Had that influx of cash not occurred, the club’s bank balance would have been so far in the red that closure would have been the only option.”

Over the course of the last four years, the club has lost an average of $28,000 per year.

The board entered into negotiations with the management of the Gilgandra Services Club with a view to a possible amalgamation. Both boards have agreed in principle to an amalgamation. The next step is to gain the approval of the membership of both clubs.

Mr McAnally-Elwin said that in his view, the only way for the sporting club to continue operating, is for it be amalgamated.

“The club is not financially viable in its present form.”

Benefits of the amalgamation include cutting down on administrative costs, the consolidating of poker machines and events and staff. It is a condition of the amalgamation that the Sporties premises remain operational for at least another three to five years, but ‘Sporties’ will cease to exist as an entity.

Should new positions be created, former Sporties staff will be given priority. Lawn bowls and life memberships would also remain.


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