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19 November, 2021

Sporties future

Talk of amalgamation filled the Sporties club back in April; however, with members voting against it, the club is now focused on its future.

By Emily Middleton

The first step forward will be the appointment of a full-time bar manager.

“It’s probably been about three years since we’ve had a bar manager,” said Sporties president, Geaneth Rodgers.

“We are having trouble getting staff. A full-time position would be the best. I’ve been doing a lot of voluntary work, and other members have been doing voluntary work.”

The new position is just one of the steps towards Sporties’ future. The full time position is the only full time position going at the time.

“We don’t have enough hours to warrant any more full-time positions,” said Mrs Rodgers.

“The board members have always run it, we are hiring staff and trying to work out things to raise money and we’re doing ok. We’re travelling ok.”

Services at the Sporties are set to continue, with the bowling greens full almost every weekend.

“We’re the only club that has the bowling green for the older members of the community, plus the young ones because we have a lot of young members playing bowls too!”

“We’ve got a fantastic venue there, so we can have functions, weddings, parties, all sorts of things,” said Mrs Rodgers.

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