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25 June, 2022

Sourdough workshop proves popular for Armatree CWA

By Kate Thomas

The idea of baking sourdough conjures thoughts of flour caked kitchen tops, white chef hats and crusty loaves rising in a hot oven.

Oh, and a cosy, enticing smell. The work of master bakers. When in reality, baking sourdough is much simpler than you might think.

All you need is three ingredients: a starter, flour and water. Plus, a pinch of time. That’s what 32 individuals learnt at the Armatree Country Women’s Association (CWA) rooms on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Over one afternoon, eager sourdough makers of varied experience levels watched as organisers Jenny Bradley and Cath Peart mixed, folded, proofed, folded again, until sourdough appeared.

After a conversation on a chilly morning between the two instructors led to questions about how each other made their dough, they thought that others might have similar bread making questions.

With the support of Armatree CWA, it was decided to host the free community event.

“We wanted to do a community event to bring people together and have fun,” said Mrs Bradley.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting messages from people telling me how they are going with their sourdough. Everyone’s sending pictures. The feedback has been really fantastic.”

Community members who entered as bread enthusiasts left as inspired future bread makers. Everyone could take a starter (instead of using active dry yeast like in other bread recipes, sourdough bread uses a starter) and were given recipes for simple sourdough and focaccia.

Local sourdough makers are on the rise, so you might soon be able to sniff out that cosy and enticing smell.

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