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11 May, 2023

Sing Out Choir comes to Dubbo

In the first of its kind, the Sing Out Dementia Choir is performing at the Dubbo Regional Theatre later this month.

By Supplied

This is the first public performance for the choir, and participants are beyond excited to be in front of an audience. Anne Gemmell, dementia counsellor for the Western NSW Local Health District, is the founder of the allinclusive “Sing Out Choir”.

The group embraces those impacted with dementia, including carers, family, and friends, alongside volunteer singers and musicians.

“This is a space where people can feel a sense of belonging and become part of our community and to help them maintain their social connections,” said Ms Gemmell.

“Singing bonds people together.” Situated just west of the Blue Mountains, the choir has been running for eight months and Ms Gemmell has already witnessed significant positive changes in behaviour for those living with dementia.

“The choir is about having fun, enjoying the company of others, ensuring people feel relaxed and that they feel a part of a local community,” she said.

“We use the power of notes and harmonies to connect our dementia clients with their families, friends, and the general public. The aim is to connect people living with dementia, their families, and carers to live well and continue to live in their homes with dementia for as long as possible.”

While music medicine is not a cure, it will reduce dementia patients’ symptoms according to Ms Gemmell. Even advanced dementia can be eased with symptoms such as problems with judgement, planning, reasoning, speech, and language easing over time.

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