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17 February, 2022

Shade sail to be replaced

Protection from the harsh summer sun will be reinstated at the Gilgandra pool in time for the next swimming season.

By Emily Middleton

Gilgandra Shire Council (GSC) has advised The Gilgandra Weekly that delays with engineering designs and costings for the shade over the young children’s section of the pool could not be completed in time for this summer.

“Construction of the shade sails is set to commence in the winter months of 2022 while the pool is closed and will be ready to go for the next summer.”

The storm damaged shade sail was removed in 2020, after it was nearly ripped off by ferocious winds.

This summer locals flocked to the pool to remain cool, as well as learn the valuable life skill of swim- ming. But without the shade sail, patrons had a higher chance of getting sun burnt, and there wasn’t adequate

shelter for small children. This prompted local mothers and the sports council to become concered about the lack of shade.

The issue was raised at the most recent sports coun- cil meeting, with an unfavourable response [no time- line] given to that meeting; the project was thought to be ‘on hold - pending the new precinct’.

In 2021 GSC announced plans to begin the process of developing a multi-million dollar new sports preci- nct. The plans were published in The Gilgandra Weekly on October 26, 2021.

Recently, member for western NSW Dugald Saunders announced a $150,000 grant for upgrades to the current pool amenities; it has not yet be confirmed to The Gilgandra Weekly if funding for the shade sail will come from this grant or other souces.

The new sports precinct will also be discussed at today’s (Tuesday, February 15) council meeting. 

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