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16 July, 2021

Save our toilets

Max Zell, spokesperson for the save our toilets and sunny seat campaign, has presented a petition to the Gilgandra Shire Council calling for the retention of the Miller Street facilities.

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Eight other locals also attended the meeting, held on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, to support Mr Zell’s presentation. The campaign comes after local’s concern for the proposed development of the new library hub, and what that means for the toilet block and the seat that is situated next to the cubicles.

The petition has gathered just under 650 signatures since May 21.

Mr Zell says there were still plenty of people who wanted to sign but were unaware of the petition’s existence.

Mr Zell also pointed out to council that there are several council employees who would have liked to have signed, however felt they were not able to. 

“A lot of the rate-payers in the south western and south-eastern sections of our council use Dubbo as their main centre,” said Mr Zell, implying that these people would have been unaware of the toilet and seat’s importance, and would not have seen the petition.

Outside of the meeting, Mayor Doug Batton told the gathering that the petition would be included with the DA application by council.

Comments by the group of attendees after the presentation involved the discussion of the wash basins being outside the toilet cubicles, and their concern for hygiene factors. Other comments included the disability parking area that will disappear according to the proposed plan.

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