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2 March, 2022

People flock for emu burger

Locals to the Mountain View Hotel in Tooraweenah may have noticed a new item on the menu in recent weeks.

By Emily Middleton

The new ‘emu burger’ proved to be a hit with customers, as something that not a lot of people can say they’ve had before.

“It went really well!” said pub manager, Ashley Starr.

“We sold quite a few and everyone said it was really tasty. I think lots of people were surprised because it can be quite a dry meat, but the burger was definitely a hit.”

The emu patties came directly from Tooraweenah’s ‘Emu Logic’ farm, where the meat is processed on site.

“We have a meat room where we can process the meat, so we can do it here at the farm house. It’s all out meat, so it’s all done locally,” said Emu Logic owner, Penny Henley.

“It’s another way of eating the meat, and they’re simple to cook!"

Mrs Henley explained that emu meat is high in iron and zinc, but there’s no fat as it’s a bird.

“On a blind test, people say beef, but they’re not quite sure what it is because it’s not really beef!”

The Mountain View Hotel owner Ash Jenkins, was the first to try the burger, and she was not disappointed.

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