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13 March, 2022

Pastor’s Viewpoint

Are you feeling the love?

By Supplied

We all want to be loved. We all want to belong. We all want to matter and know we have a purpose. We also need to know that these things are very important to God, that he wants these things for us as well because he loves us, he made us, and he wants us to be connect- ed with him. He wants what is best for us and he knows what is best for us!

This may all seem foreign to you, but Christians know this is true, it is actually one of the keys to dis- covering the purpose for you being here on earth. We find in the gospel of Luke where Jesus explains that our heavenly father wants to gather his children to himself like a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

It is such a vivid description of his enormous love for us, we all know how protective and persistent a mother hen is in keeping those little chicks from harm, not let- ting them out of her sight for a moment, ensuring their safety. That is the picture Jesus was painting to those who were listening, God our Father desiring all

mankind be completely in his care and protection and content with their relationship. So, if you feel unloved, alone, directionless, and lacking purpose, please under- stand that this is not what God intends for you and that he is able to turn your life around.

He loves you more than you could ever imagine. He made you and wants you back in relationship with him. Please ask a Christian if any of this is true. Ask them if God is real to them and does he provide purpose, direc- tion, and peace in their lives.

That is what our Father’s love is about and he is longing to know you and for you to know him!

We encourage you to seek God the father through Jesus his son and see for yourself if what he promises is true.

Any of our local Christian Churches can help intro- duce you to your maker, please take up his invitation to this new life being your best self.

With love from St Ambrose Anglican Church family 

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