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27 October, 2022

Orana Living leave their mark

After the long-awaited return of the windmills on Windmill Walk, you may have noticed they gained a little bit more than just a clean.

By Emily Middleton

The windmills have received a beautiful new splash of colour, with all artworks designed by the clients at Orana Living.

“It was an initiative between the shire council and the disability service,” said manager of Orana Living, Janelle Lummis.

“We were asked to do the designs for the windmills. There were six originally, then there was one left over which we ended up taking to do as well. It was great because no one missed out!”

Seven canvases were bought to represent the seven windmills. The five houses at Orana Living, and the Life Skills Centre did one each, with the extra going to the clients at Carlginda Enterprises to complete, which is still under progress.

“They all initiated their own piece of artwork on that canvas. Some of them used their signature artwork, like we have one lady who loves to paint red circles, and those red circles made it on there,” said Mrs Lummis.

Clients who found it difficult to paint still contributed by adding their handprints or writing their name.

“No client missed out, the ones that needed assistance, we made sure they were involved.”

Photos were then taken of the canvas’ and digitalised, to be printed onto the windmills. The clients loved being part of the process and are so excited to see the final product.

“They are just so enthused by it, they are over the moon and think that they are just the ants pants,” said Mrs Lummis.

The windmills have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with some visitors on the long weekend ensuring compliments went back to the artists.

“We have been so excited to have had the opportunity to do this, and we’re lucky the shire let us paint more than just one windmill!” said Mrs Lummis.

Some of the windmills are already on display, with the rest to be finished in the near future.

The artworks were installed by Locky Naef at Solid Signs, and the windmills repaired and installed by Andrew Frankland at Western Mill Engineering.

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