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19 May, 2021

Orana Living cottages open!

After nine years in the making, Orana Living Cottages on Waugan Street has finally opened.

By Emily Middleton

The council’s disability services committee deemed it as necessary to provide modern purpose-built accommodation, and their vision has now become a reality.

These cottages will allow local residents with disabilities to live independently, which to the clients, is a very exciting step.

Nancy, one of the new residents of Orana Living Cottages, has said she is thrilled to cook in the new kitchens.

“I like making quiche,” said Nancy.

Local businesses including Semmlers Sand and Gravel, Jason Tate Electrical and Matthew Thompson Flooring were just some of the trades used to create the elegantly designed spaces.

Counsellors and other members of the public have all brought to light the importance of Orana Living being a council run business, as it allows the freedom of the clients to have input as well as the community having a say in final products.

A simple example of this would be the brightly coloured doors on each of the houses, representing the Orana Living logo. This was picked out by the clients who will potentially be moving into the cottages.

The cottages comprise of three three-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units, catering up to 13 clients with extra space for support staff if need be.

“I am proud to say that council, through Orana Living, has been able to accumulate surpluses to fully fund this project,” Deputy Mayor Ash Walker announced.

The cottages were officially opened by Dr Patrick Giltrap OAM on May 6, as he has provided over 30 years of support and dedicated service to the Orana Living clients.

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