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21 October, 2021

Open garden day attracts over 240

Over 240 people attended the open garden at Pat and Ray Coxsedge’s property “Fairfield” on Sunday, to enjoy a picnic and the gardens blooming flowers.

By Emily Middleton

As one of the first events held since COVID-19 lockdown, locals were able to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, with what turned out to be the perfect day, despite the drizzle of rain in the afternoon.

“I am over the moon with the day,” said Mrs Coxsedge.

“[I] didn’t expect that many people at all. Everyone said it would be big because of covid. I did also hear it was great that it was only one garden because there was no travelling, meaning they could sit and have their bottle of wine. It was lovely to see everyone mingling.”

Mrs Coxsedge rallied the team from the Curban Hall Committee to raise money for a new sculpture by local Brett Garland. Overall, the open garden raised over $5500, exceeding any amount the committee could have hoped for.

“We are a great community, we are a great team together, and we try to present it as costless as it is possible to the community, we make a few dollars for the committee and everyone has a good day,” said Mrs Coxsedge.

The garden at “Fairfield” has been 43 years in the making. It began as little house yard full of burrs with a six-foot fence around it.

“I just always had that passion for garden,” said Mrs Coxsedge.

“It was in my upbringing, my mother was more of a veggie gardener, so I’ve just always had a passion for gardening I guess.”

Over the years, Mrs Coxsedge has expanded her garden by planting lawn, trees and erecting a small workman’s cottage for her nieces and their expanding family.

“I expanded out, planted lawn, planted trees, expanded again, carted the little workman’s cottage to the house. My niece encouraged me to turn it into something they could all stay in as their families grew, so we brought it down from the back.”

Mrs Coxsedge’s great nieces and nephews are the honorary strawberry pickers of the house, with a dedicated strawberry patch just for them.

“My nieces and my great nieces and nephews are my world. My nieces lost their mother at a very early age, and they have been part of my life all their life. I love them to the moon and back.

“My great nephew was asked not to touch the strawberry plant by a guest, and he said, ‘that’s alright, aunty Pat said they weren’t ready last week, but they’ll be ready this week.’ He comes and picks his strawberries, that’s why I have them there!”

Mrs Coxsedge was grateful to have the support of the committee and her family on Sunday to help the day run smoothly and would be more than happy to open the garden up again another time.

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