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27 October, 2020

New passions in a new venture

After starting her own design business, Bianca Stratton has surprised even herself at how much of a passion she's found in running her own business.

By Telden Nelson

Designer Bianca Stratton at one of the homes she is currently working on in Gilgandra.

Earlier this year, former South Australia native and designer Bianca Stratton made the big decision to start her own business in Coonabarabran. Despite opening her doors on the cusp of a global pandemic, Ms Stratton’s business has gone from strength to strength.

“I seem to have a consistent flow through, which obviously the difficulty of any new business,” said Ms Stratton.

“Another difficulty you have with the type of business I have is the question of ‘where are the clients going to come from?’. Gilgandra has been a really supportive community so far, everyone that I’ve come across has been really welcoming.

“It’s been really great, relatively smooth sailing,” she said.

Ms Stratton said that during the process of starting and running the business she discovered a hidden passion.

“I’ve found such a passion in running the business itself and I didn’t know that that was something I was passionate about. I’ve found that working and running the business is something that I absolutely love."

“I had no idea that was something I was even remotely interested in, but now that I can see the business and see it growing and working it’s a little bit addictive. It’s something from the ground up that I’m creating. Professionally I’m growing and I’m always learning but from a personal point of view as well I’m developing skills that I didn’t have before.”

Starting her own business has been somewhat of a trial by fire for Ms Stratton, but she says this is the perfect scenario for her to develop professionally.

“I think I’ve had rapid growth in a professional sense. The things that might take a little while longer to learn has become an all-in, jump in process. Which caters to my personality because I definitely learn on the go quicker. I’ve got to get in and get my hands dirty to fully grasp concepts from a learning point of view.”

Currently Ms Stratton has two projects in Gilgandra that she is working on, both being very different jobs.

“One is a full house renovation, which has been really exciting.

“The most important part of any design is really getting to know the people and this is a young family so it’s about how they function in their home and working out what is going to be the best solution for them. The other project is still in the concept phase and that one is really exciting because it’s an older cottage. With an older cottage you have the classic four bedrooms in a square, and we’re looking at doing quite a modern extension on the back. I think that’ll be one to watch going into construction.”

Ms Stratton said the beauty of running her own design business is that difference and variety between projects.

“Two very different projects but I think that’s also what I love about my business is that I have the flexibility to do lots of different things.”


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