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18 March, 2022

New kicks thanks to Aussie Kindies

Aussie Kindies have used their community sponsorship to donate new equipment to the Gilgandra Amateur Swim Club.

By Emily Middleton

“We are so thankful, and so grateful to Aussie Kindies,” said swim club vice-president Simone Beaton.

Affinity Education, Aussie Kindies parent company, offer a sponsorship to their centres to seek out any community groups that might need some financial assistance.

“I just thought, you don’t hear much about Gilgandra swimming club, so I approached them to see if they would be interested,” said Aussie Kindies centre manager, Veronica Sutherland.

“They kindly accepted, because they were in need of some new training equipment!”

Gilgandra Amateur Swim Club have been applying for small grants for new equipment over the past three years, but have been unsuccessful.

“I even had someone come up to me, who was a grown adult, and say, ‘I remember using them when I was in swim club!’ They were all moulding, permeating through them. It was time for some new ones,” said Ms Beaton.

The sponsorship meant the club was able to buy new kickboards, flippers, and hand paddles.

“We’ve only had one or two sets of hand paddles before, they’re a really good training technique so it’s good to introduce some new equipment,” said Ms Beaton.

“The kids are so excited, they all fight over the new ones.” Ms Beaton and Mrs Sutherland both explained how this new equipment doesn’t only benefit the swim club.

“It goes to the schools when they use the pool, people who do swimming lessons, when there’s learn to swim - the children are able to use them. They are really of value to any children who use the pool,” said Mrs Sutherland.

“The beauty of this donation is its not only for the club, all the equipment is going to be used by the whole community,” echoed Ms Beaton.

The swim club presented Mrs Sutherland with a plaque last Tuesday night, at what was meant to be a point score event called off by rain.

“Barring three kids in the photo, they are all expupils of Aussie Kindies as well,” said Mrs Sutherland.

“It was nice to give back to the community, for children you had had in the school.”

The swim club were blown away by the generosity of Aussie Kindies, and are already putting the equipment to good use.

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