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9 November, 2023

New CWA Evening Branch officer bearers

Mrs Newstead, with treasurer Julie Sawley, cultural officer Jess Camlin, with Tooraweenah Branch’s Denise Quealy, Karen Marshall, president Rebekah Makila, and secretary Jennie White. Photo supplied.

By Hilda Newstead, publicity officer 

On Wednesday, October 18, a very well attended and successful meeting, and annual general meeting was held at the Gilgandra CWA Rooms in Warren Road. 

President Rebekah Makila greeted everyone, and the evening began with the annual general meeting. This meeting was chaired by Denise Quealey, a member from the Tooraweenah branch. Other reports were given by the president, treasurer, and all other reports, such as culture and environment, were very well received. 

A feature of the annual meeting is of course the election of the executive for the next 12 months. 

Office bearers for 2023/2024 are: 

President: Rebekah Makila. 

Secretary: Jennie White. 

Treasurer: Julie Sawley. 

Vice-president: Hilda Newstead. 

Ag and Environment: Madeline Foran. 

International: Helen Oates. 

Cultural officer: Jessica Camlin. 

Handicraft officer: Faye Morton. 

The Land Cookery Officer: Rebekah Makila. 

Publicity Officer: Hilda Newstead. 

Newsletter Editor to Branch: Rebekah Makila. 

Monthly Market Coordinators: Hilda Newstead and Jane Coxsedge. 

Councillors to the Macquarie Group Council Meeting: Helen Oates and Hilda Newstead. 

Hall Hire Officer: Helen Oates. 

Patrons: Esmae Toll and Lois Foran. 

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