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28 April, 2023

Mural depicting youth’s ‘real ideas’

In conjunction with Gilgandra’s youth and artist Jack Randell, the town will be that bit brighter by the end of the week, once a collaborated mural takes prime position on Wrigley Street.

By Emily Middleton

Jack Randell from Art Club, alongside Nunka from the Gilgandra Youth Centre have workshopped ideas with the children to come up ‘Real Ideas’ to be expressed on the mural. After two design sessions last week, Mr Randell, with help from some of the youth, has begun painting.

“It comes from the working title ‘Real Ideas’, so what we are hoping to demonstrate to the kids is that this is how you visualise an idea,” said Mr Randell.

“You have an idea - a simple idea, not a complex idea, we aren’t solving the climate crisis or anything like that - just what is an idea that you have that you think would look good on a public mural.

“We got a cacophony of things.”

The mural depicts sheep, a windmill, the river, fish- ing, gaming, a kelpie, a cat, the Warrumbungles, basketball, motocross, skating, farming, space, and a whole array of ideas. “These are a kaleidoscope of ideas from the kids, and this is what is front of mind for them at this point of time.”

Mr Randell explained that at first, the children were reticent to the idea. He said it was one of those things where teenagers in particular, are afraid to commit because it looks like a big responsibility.

“The first answer is often no, I can’t think of any- thing,” he said.

“So with a bit of gentle prompting from both Nunka and I, we asked what would they like to see, if they didn’t have to do anything at all and just thought of some- thing, what would they like to see.

“Of course, they don’t have to participate in the painting either, but most will.”

By Monday afternoon, children had begun helping Mr Randell add colour to the mural. Typically a project like this would take several weeks, however due to its commitment to the school holidays, it is set to be finished by the end of the week. 

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